Skin care for acne prone skin

Skin Care For Acne Prone Skin

Around the age of 12 I started to get my first few spots but I wasn’t really too bothered by them at the time. By the age of 14 my skin had just got worse and worse and it was really getting me down. I hated having any close up photos taken and I was pilling on cheap makeup that was making my skin even more irritated. I was spending hours on the internet Googling things like “How to get clear skin” and “home remedies for spot removal”. I have very sensitive skin and it felt like everything I tried was just making it worse. I even tried just using water and this just dried out my skin and left it really painful. Nothing was working for me.

I had read about dermatologists but only in magazine and just presumed that they were for rich 30-something women. After all compared to some people my acne wasn’t too bad. It was just really getting me down. I knew they were heavily made up and photo shopped, as my mum had told me millions of times, but I wanted the perfect skin of all the models that filled the pages of my magazines.

After doing my research and finding out that the consultation at my local dermatologist was actually free I persuaded my mum to book me a session. The clinic was beautiful and everything was so professional. I was asked about the products that I currently used and my diet and all about my skin. My skin was proven to be dry to medium and I was shown how to properly cleanse my skin. Apparently you should never wipe your face with a towel, only dab it!
I was then offered a pack of products, OBAGI Clemziderm at a pretty steep price. I guess the consultation was free so they do have to make their money somewhere else! I was told that the products would appear to make my skin worse at first, but actually it would just mean that all the nasty stuff under my skin was being brought to the surface and that I should stick with it if I wanted to see the results promised.


Three years on and I am still using exactly the same set of products. I have since tested a few other products, probably trying to find a cheaper alternative but just as before nothing worked. I think with skincare you really to get what you pay for, and it is worth that little bit extra to look after something that you are going to have for the rest of your life. I now order the Clenziderm set online when I need it (about every four months) as it is so much cheaper.
My advise to anyone would be to go and see a dermatologist first as it really was so helpful, and then to invest in a good quality product that is fitted to your skin type. But also to be patient and realise that you are not going to have perfect skin in a couple of days of using a new products or even a couple of weeks. It may take months and it may get worse before it can get better, but it will be worth it, I promise.

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