Collar Combinations

Collar Combinations

If I were to try and describe my style to you the word “preppy” would probably have to be used. I just love a good collared shirt. They look smart and polished, are basically an accessory and they add another layer of warmth especially on these chilly days. I can wear these combinations at school with a suit skirt and a blazer and then at the weekend with a pair of skinny jeans. Which explains why skirts and jumpers take up nearly half of my entire wardrobe.

My advice when picking a collar and jumper combination is to keep everything fairly simple. If your shirt is patterned then pick a plain jumper and if you jumper is patterned then try and pick a shirt that is the same as one of the colours in the jumper. Or play around with different textures such as knitted jumper, flannel shirts and lace collars. There are so many different styles and ways to wear this combination. 

So here is how I wear my collared shirts and I hope that they act as some inspiration for you. I’m going to stop before I start waffling about my love for collars! 

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