How To Make Nails Dry Faster

How To Make Nails Dry Faster

There are few things more tedious that the wait after doing your nails, it’s like watching paint dry, literally. And when your in a rush to get to a party on a Saturday night and you still have to do you hair and find your clutch bag there’s no time for your hands to be out of action. So when shaking your hands around and blowing on your nails aren’t quite doing the job, here are my tips to get those nails dry as fast as possible:

  1. Use as thin coats of nail polish as possible – nobody wants thin streaky nail polish but too thick and you will be waiting around for hours for your nails to dry.
  2. Wait as long as possible between coats of polish – chances are are that you are in a rush and can’t really afford to do this, but it is totally worth it. When I paint my nails I usually do four coats, base, two colour and then a top coat. Pile all of these on top of each other while they are still wet not only are they likely to streak but they will also take so much longer to dry. 
  3. Use a fast drying top coat – kinda self explanatory!
  4. Once nails are painted hold them in very cold (icy) water – this is my favorite tip, so easy, totally works, and only takes about a minute. 
  5. Use the cold setting of a hair dryer – similar to the tip above, nail polish dries fastest when cold. But be careful not to use the warm setting as this could melt nail polish and make it very sticky and make sure to hold the dryer a fair distance away.
  6. Use a fast drying nail spray – These take about a minute and work so well. Hold about 10cm away from nails when using. I recommend Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails. 
And finally to test if you nail polish is dry DON’T touch it with your fingers. There is nothing more annoying and when you basically smudge your nail polish on purpose! Instead gently tap the nails of your two litter fingers together, you will be able to tell straight away whether the polish is dry with the least amount of damage to your manicure. 

Hope these help you and comment down below if you have any other tips that you want to share 🙂 

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