Sunday Layering

Sunday Layering

So yesterday I had a pretty lazy day, my grandparents were staying over for the weekend and all I really did was go on a family dog walk and sit at my desk getting confused over my A level maths homework. But the reason for this post is I found a very simple combination of my clothes that I really love. And now I will probably wear this to death until I’m totally bored of it, just like I do with songs!

Basically this outfit can sum up my style. Navy – check, grey – check, stripes – check, lace – check, pretty necklace – check. And that’s about it really. The reason I layered up so much is because despite it still being the middle of winter my parents refuse to put the heating on for a long enough period of time for the house to be warm! So until Spring comes and I can get away this just wearing a top outside I will be layering just like this. 

So if you are like me and most of your clothes are basic and pretty plain then why not layer them up? Simple, warm, comfy and pretty, what’s not to like? 


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