Oh My Aussie

Oh My Aussie 

I’ve never really been a hair care obsessive and I guess that’s because I found my ideal hair brand almost 4 years ago now. I do try out some other products every now and again and mix up my hair serum with my other Toni&Guy one, but I will always come back to Aussie. 

I don’t think Aussie is for everyone, but I have very thick, long hair and Aussie just works perfectly for me. When I was in my early teens and starting to mess around with straighteners and curlers my already naturally dry hair began to get even drier. And being my stubborn teenage self and often refusing to get my hair cut as I wanted it as long as possible probably didn’t help either! I started trying out lots of different hair brands, but none of them really worked. Head and Shoulders gave me an itchy scalp which eventually led to dandruff, Herbal Essances smelt lovely but never really did much for my hair and TRESemme seemed to make my hair fall out! And at the height of my teenage hair disaster my mum even dragged me to the salon and spent a small fortune of some high end shampoos and conditioners, but none of them were any better than anything from Boots.

Eventually I found Aussie after it was recommend by a friend with similar hair to my own. And I have never looked back. If you have thick or dry or frizzy hair then this is your brand. Like all hair brands they do have different products for different types of hair, coloured, dry, damaged etc, but essentially this is the hair type they seem to be catering towards. So if this is you and you haven’t already found your perfect hair brand pop down to Boots and give Aussie a try. And if you only try one thing make it the 3 minute miracle moist conditioner, I don’t know what I would do without that stuff!


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