What’s In My Bag – Winter Edition

What’s In My Bag – Winter Edition

This is what I have been carrying around in my bag lately. The bag that I have been using is one that I got for Christmas from Accessorize. It’s a little out of my fashion comfort zone with the dark burgundy colour, but the classic design is so chic and I’m totally in love with it. So here is my what’s in my bag. 

  • Grey woolly gloves – these ones are amazing as they have a touch pad bit on the finger tips. So not more freezing hands while I’m trying to text. 
  • 2014 diary – this is a must so I know where I’m meant to be and when and the small size means I can carry it round in my bag all day. 
  • Pen – for writing in my diary on-the-go, plus I always seem to need one of these when I don’t have one, it’s best just to be prepared. 
  • Purse – got this in the sale last summer from Accessorize. I’ve always been a big purse girl, I need one big enough to hold all my cards and receipts and in my opinion notes should be kept flat!
  • Train card holder – for easy access and because I love the grey snake skin pattern of this one from Kurt Geiger
  • Hand moisturiser – a particular must have in winter as my hand get so dry. Loving this lemon verbena one from M&S at the moment. 
  • Compact mirror – this looks like a pretty hefty one to carry round but it’s actually a light up one, and it amazing for nights out. 
  • Phone – white iPhone 5
  • Umbrella – because I live in England. 
  • Tic Tacs – I HATE gum, but after eating somewhere I need these. 
  • Lip balm – My favourite at the moment is Body Shop Shea butter lip balm as it is so moisturising 
  • Mini perfume bottle – for during the day top up. I have a small collection of sample perfumes and I like to mix up different ones everyday. 
  • Comb/hair brush – I don’t actually brush my hair all that often, but sometimes it just needs sorting. 
  • Headphone – perfect for when I’m trying to cram in some extra sleep on the school bus. 
  • Keys – complete with a cute heart key-ring from Monsoon. 
  • Day makeup day – only my essential that I will need to top up during the day make it in here. These are powder, concealer, mascara, black eyeliner, powder blush and whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day. 
  • Tissues – always need these when I don’t have them. 
  • Vasaline – I’m not a lip gloss girl but I put this over my lipstick when I want a glossy look. 
  • Hair ties and grips – these always seem to be floating at the bottom of all my handbags. But there is nothing worse on a bad hair day than not being about to tie your hair back. 
Hope you enjoyed reading this, comment below what your handbag essentials are. 


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