Homemade Valentines Day Cards

Homemade Valentines Day Cards

So Valentines Day is in less than a week now and I thought that I would do a quick post on some lovely creative and personal cards that you can make for the one you love. Cards and letters are often forgotten about as usually it’s all about the gift and the card it just there to say who it is from. But I think for Valentines Day the card is the most important part as its a chance to say how you really feel about someone. I usually try and give cards that I have made for myself to people for birthdays and Christmas etc as it shows that you have given up time to make something rather than rush down the road to buy a card. And there is something really nice about putting some music on and being all creative. 

So now it’s really up to you. Your card could be whatever you want it to. If you can draw or paint then this can be a really lovely card idea and you could even get it framed afterwards. For those who are maybe less creative then making a collage of the pictures that you have together is also a really sweet idea. Personally my favourite are the cute and simple play-on-words cards. Below are a few images that I have found on WeHeartIt that might give you some ideas. 

So have fun with this little project because it really does mean so much more than a bought card. But ultimately its all about the message that you write inside your card. Let me know how you are going to be spending Valentines day this Friday.
Lots of love
Your Valentine xx


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