Hug In A Mug

Hug In A Mug 

So this could be the most random post that I ever do. But after spending the majority of today in bed with the worst sore throat that I have had in a long time I have discovered something amazing. I say I discovered it but actually it was my boyfriend who forced me to try it. So what is this miracle drink? Honey and water. Sounds pretty gross if you ask me and looks a bit like urine. But this honestly is a hug in a mug. 

Its so simple and easy to make as well. Boil the kettle, pour the hot water into a mug and then stir in the amount of honey that you would like. Don’t go overboard with the honey though as it is a very sweet drink. 

I’m not yet a tea or a coffee drinking, I’m hoping that will come as I grow up and become me sophisticated! But this was just lovely and it soothed my throat better than any throat sweet had managed. So if you have not yet tried this interesting mix then I definitely recommend it while it is still pretty chilly outside. 


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