Drop Earrings

Drop Earrings 

I have so many pairs of earrings, probably a few too many if I’m honest. I don’t really like leaving the house without wearing a pair of earrings, even if they are just plain studs as it feels like I’m not quite dressed. But most of my favourite earrings are drop style as they are just so beautiful. I love how they make an outfit that little bit more dressy and more put together. And with a pair of drop earrings you don’t really need any other jewellery. So if you’re in a rush they are the perfect thing to grab. 

Without actually meaning to I realised that all of the drop earrings that I have photographed are from Accessorize, like most of my jewellery. And they already have some gorgeous ones in from spring/summer, so I would definitely recommend checking out their website. 

So next time you go and reach for the same silver studs you always wear why not try something a little different? They don’t have to be overly glitzy or dramatic. You can get some lovely simple ones as well. But I promise they will really give your outfit a little something extra. 


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