I Heart We Heart It

I Heart We Heart It

I’m not really the type of person that get’s obsessed with apps, and my iPhone is just really an iPod that I can call and text people on. But there is one app that I love a lot and I can continuously scrolling though. It’s not Instagram although I do have that but I can hands down say that We Heart It is my favourite phone app. 

We Heart It is basically an app where you like different photos and they get added to you page. I think you can upload your own photos as well but I have never done this. I a sense it is sort of like Tumblr but it is much easier to use and there is no writing or communicating involved. 

It sounds really cheesy by the photos that you “heart” can really say a lot about you and it is really interesting to go back through photos that you have like. My looking at mine I have found out I love things that are white, pretty and probably glittery too! It sounds like a really pointless app but trust me, once you get it you get hooked. 

So if you haven’t already got this app I would definitely recommend it. It’s something relaxing and nice to do on a long journey or when ever. Plus if you are a blogger like myself then there are so many beautiful photos that give great inspiration for blogposts or photography. 


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