February Favourites

February Favourites

So this month I haven’t really found a load of products to share with you guys. I didn’t want to skip a favourites post when there have been a few things I have been loving but I didn’t want to shove a load of random products in just for the sake of this post. So today there are only four products but these are two new things I bought and two things I have found again that I have really been loving. 

Imperial Leather Japanese Spa Shower Cream 
I had been using my Body Shop Shea Butter Shower cream for a while and started to find that I was getting a bit bored of it. I have recently been showering more in the morning rather that the evening and wanted more of a shower cream that would wake me up. I only really like fruity smells in summer and I don’t like overly strong smells either. After spending a while sniffing all the different shower gels I finally picked this one up, and I’m glad I love it as the bottle is massive! This is just the perfect scent for this time of year, not wintery or summery, just relaxing, but not so relaxing that it can only be used before bed.

Garnier Honey Soothing Hand Cream
I am a bit of a hand cream obsessive, just like dry lips dry hands are one of my pet hates. Over the last few months I have tried so many different hand creams but I am just so fussy. However I think I have finally found my favorite. The smell isn’t at all overpowering and it never leaves my hands sticky. This is actually the second one of these I bought this month so that I can have one in my school bag and one by my bed. And I don’t think I have ever repurchased as hand cream, let alone two in the same month so that is really saying something. 

Rimmel Nail Nurse Base And Top Coat
Recently I have been having some very serious problems with my nails. No matter what I do or eat of how many times I rub oil and moisturiser into them they are so weak and seriously splitting. I went on a nail polish detox at the beginning of the month as I though this would help but it just made the problem worse. After a bit of googling I found out that nail polish actually protects nails from water which causes then to dry and split everytime you wash them. I have been reapplying a coat of this everyday and already my nails look better. I just hope that they are sorted in time for Spring so I can crack out all the beautiful pastel nail colours. 

H&M Eyeshadow Brush
What? H&M do makeup brushes! It sounds pretty crazy and like they would probably be rubbish, but I have actually been so impressed by this brush that I picked up while on a little shopping trip. I have never actually seen a brush like this but for £2.99 it is pretty amazing, especially considering you are actually getting two makeup brushes. The thicker brush end is perfect for crease shadow and the smaller end is nice for a thin line of eyeshadow near the bottom lashes. I will definitely be checking out more of these makeup brushes on my next shopping spree. 

So despite the fact that being in March now means we are even closer to exams I am still excited. Pancake day is next week and I have a dance show and a couple of parties coming up too. And the sun is finally coming out which is always a good thing. So let me know what are all your plans for this month? 


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