Spring Blossom Evening

Spring Blossom Evening 

I have had such a nice relaxed evening tonight. After dinner with my family I had a lovely bubble bath with candles and a new calming playlist that I had found on Spotify. And I finally got around to using this lovely bath set that I got for Christmas. I don’t actually know where it is from as I have never seen this brand before, all I know is that it smells delicious! It comes with some baths salts that you sprinkle in the bath while it is running, a body scrub and a body butter. I’m not sure that I have ever actually used a body scrub before but my skin felt so smooth afterwards. Once I have finished this one I will definitely be trying out a few more. Possibly the Soap and Glory one as I have heard a lot of good things about that one. 

After my bath I did a bit of gradual tanning moisturising while watching some Vampire Diaries, obviously. One month in and I am already on Season 4. Sounds a bit silly to be tanning as it is still pretty cold outside and no one will be seeing my tan anyway. Plus in the middle of winter it is pretty obvious that it is fake! But I my skin is just looking so dull at the moment, I’m so pale sometimes I almost look grey, which is gross! I just needed a little bit of colour. And I bought a new gradual tanning moisturiser this weekend so naturally I had to try it out!

I’m writing this while still watching Vampire Diaries and eating a very large slice of vanilla cheesecake covered in melted Nutella. And it tastes like heaven! So much for being healthy! But I did go on a run this weekend so I am telling myself that it will all just cancel out!

Hope you all had a nice evening. I’m off to bed now. Night night 🙂


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