Pancake Day

Pancake Day

Sadly I wake up to early in the morning, 6am and I am always too rushed getting ready for school to make pancake. I usually just manage a couple of Weetabix and a piece of toast! And I personal feel that proper pancake making is about the whole cooking, and flipping and eating experience which usually takes a good half an hour!

Instead my family have pancakes for dinner and make them a whole meal. My sister, Sarah and I made the pancakes for everyone and I managed to do some very successful pancake flipping. We were playing really loud music and doing crazy dancing and bad singing around the kitchen! I had a savory pancake first with cheese and chicken on as kinda my main meal and then a sweet pancake with sugar on as my dessert. Not particularly healthy but oh well!  

This year after several unsuccessful years I have decided not to give anything up for lent. Instead I am going to just try and be more active and run and go to the gym more. Means when Easter comes I can stuff my face with so much chocolate and not feel quite so guilty about it! Let me knoww if you did anything for pancake day and if you are give up/starting anything for lent, I’d love to know.

Happy Pancake Day guys xx


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