Having A Spring Jean

Having A Spring Jean 

So I’m sitting at my desk and the sun is flooding in though my windows and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Which means after a long and cold winter Spring is finally here! Sometimes I think I might have Seasonal Affective Disorder as I just seem much more stressed and tired during winter but as soon as the sun comes out I suddenly have all of this energy!

Apart from the beautiful scenery and just feeling so much happier on of my favourite things about Spring is the fashion. I just love all of the beautiful pastel colours and cute patterns and beachy hair and stacked up rings and bracelets. So I decided to share with you my love for Spring and do a few posts of some Spring outfits, hairstyles, makeup etc. To kick off this mini series I’m starting with a trend that I love, Spring jeans. After months of wearing dark colours beautiful pastel jeans just make me so happy!

Living in the UK means that around this time of year it isn’t quite warm enough to wear short yet and I still can’t really leave the house without some sort of jacket. What I really love about these kinds of jeans is that they are a little bit different and unexpected, not just your regular denim. But for someone like me who isn’t too adventurous with fashion they are so easy and relaxed to wear as they still go with pretty much anything. And if you want to play it really safe then just a loose white top is always a good option. 

Another thing that I love about pastel coloured jeans is that it means I can also wear them with my lovely pale denim jacket that I got last summer. I don’t feel like I am fashionable enough to get away with the double denim trend! 

Anyway I hope with this has inspired you to wear some pastel coloured jeans and break out of your fashion comfort zone, or even just got you excited for sunshine and Spring. I think now it looks so nice I am going to take my homework and do it in the garden! Might even start to build up a bit of a tan! Anyway, happy Spring guys x

Pink jeans – Primark 
Beige jeans – Primark 
Turquoise jeans – TK Maxx
Striped demin jeans – River Island (a few years old, sorry) 


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