Large Spring Boots Haul

Large Spring Boots Haul 

Oh dear! Boots has huge 3 for 2 offers and so this is what I came home with! This Saturday I went shopping in town with my dad and sister and we ended up spending about an hour and a half in Boots which is totally ridiculous! At the moment Boots has 3 for 2 on haircare, skincare and makeup which are some pretty amazing deals. And just at the perfect time as we are starting to move into warmer months and makeup goes all pretty and pastel and skin needs to be prepped and primed for tanning (hopefully pretty soon). So natural I was drawn to the huge offer signs and once I started to put things into my basket I just couldn’t stop!

On top of the amazing offers I also had loads of deals for my Boots card such and money back and extra points. I actually ended up going back to the till 5 times to get as many points back on my card as possible! I got some very strange looks from the lady at the till, but it was worth it for the £15 of points I got back. Although naturally I went back and spent that on more 3 for 2 makeup! Typical me! But Boots cards really are the best loyally cards that I have ever come across and I would really recommend them. Even my dad has one! But for this shopping trip we had I managed to persuade him to let me have the points!
When I read other peoples beauty blogs and watch their YouTube videos I make a list on my phone of products that I want to try or shades of lipstick that I think look nice etc. I’d build a nice long list of things over the last few months or so and I saw these Boots offers as the perfect opportunity to treat myself to some of the things that I had been wishing for. I have already tried basically all of these products already, I’m like a little kid at Christmas when it comes to opening beauty products. But I can’t wait to really use and see how I get along with all of these products. I’m already in love with the both the peach lip products! And you’ll probably be seeing a lot of these again in my March Favourites! 

So I hope this tempts you into popping into Boots as well and going a bit crazy with all the deals, just so I don’t feel quite so bad about the amount of stuff I bought! But really, you don’t want to be missing this deal. 


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