Spring Florals For School

Spring Florals For School 

It has finally started to feel like Spring is here and I am just so excited. And to celebrate my excitement I decided to bring out what I consider to be a “Spring” blouse for the first time this year! I bought this shirt last year from H&M for school as it is just so beautiful and just get me so excited for Spring and Summer. I love the floral print and how it is only on the sides and part of the sleeves which makes it more unusual. I’m not really one for anything too bright, I usually just stick to navy and grey which is a bit sad really, but this shirt was just so pretty that I couldn’t resist.

This is a picture that I quickly took this morning before school. I wouldn’t normally wear this skirt but my school  dress code is “smart business wear”. It means I can get away with much more than other schools with much stricter uniform rules, but this is just one of my more smarter and longer skirts. I also paired my outfit with some daisy earrings to keep up with my floral theme!

But despite my efforts to get into that Spring mode it was all thrown back in my face by some very chilly weather! Typical England! So I will keep hoping and dreaming of Spring, but for now maybe I should go back to the snug winter coat! 

Apologies for the bad quality photos, I wake up very early and the lighting this morning was awful. 

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