A Weekend Update

A Weekend Update 

So this has been the busiest weekend that I have had in a long time. It was super fun but also pretty tiring and stressful and I thought that I would just update you guys. I am writing this just before I go to bed while listening to a calming playlist on Spotify and drinking a mix of lemonade and summer fruit squash. Probably not the best thing to be drinking for bed but I need something refreshing not a hot drink and this just reminds me of Spring!

So on Friday night it was my brother, Nick’s, 16th birthday party so my boyfriend Jack and I came home from school to help with the final setting up and organising. It total about seventy 15/16 year olds were round our house, party music was playing very loud and everyone was drinking and dancing. Lets just say after about 9:30pm things started to go a bit wrong. We had some gatecrashers, nearly a fight and several people who were not doing so great. So Nick won’t be having any house parties any time soon, or ever for that matter! Trying to look on the plus side though, I no longer have a fear of vomit and people throwing up. After about the fourth person you just learn to ignore the smell and the gross sound!

So after going to bed at about 2am the night before I woke up at 8am for a very early driving lesson, which I seemed surprisingly awake for. And it was nice to catch up with my instructor and tell her about my eventful evening. I then spent the rest of Saturday doing homework and helping with the party clean up while Jack just fell asleep on my bed. He is one of those lucky people who can just fall asleep anywhere and straight away, I’m totally the opposite. At about 6pm I started my party preparation with a long hot shower and a hair mask that I am loving and will probably talk about it a post very soon. The party was one of Jack’s bestfriends 18th and it was in a really lovely cottage that they own but don’t live in. I ended up staying over and but got into bed pretty early only to take several hours to actually fall asleep. The next morning I came home, had a shower to freshen up, ate a huge bacon sandwich and went to a 4 hour dance rehearsal, which was really fun but I was already so exhausted and it sort of finished me off. I arrived home at 4:30 and slept right up to dinner time where I had a lovely roast with my family.

So this weekend was very tiring as you can probably imagine! I am looking forward to snuggling up in bed in a minute and catching up on some much needed sleep! Hope you guys all had a great weekend as well. x


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