Pretty Spring Flowers

Pretty Spring Flowers

So there isn’t really a lot of point to this post, but I thought it would make for some pretty photography. If you read my last post you would know that this weekend was pretty stressful for me. I had loads of stuff going on, very little sleep and no time to do any of my homework, which I like to stay on top of and get done as soon as possible. So I just thought it was the sweetest thing when I got to school to find that my boyfriend had go me these beautiful flowers. And I was particularly impressed with his choice! 

Today was long and tiring and I was working really hard to try and catch up from my lack of work this weekend. But it is just little things like this that can really mean everything to someone. So if you have a friend or family who seems a little down or stress or you even just want a chance to show them that you care then tomorrow try and do something little to brighten up their day. You could right them a note, or share some chocolate with them, make them a cup of tea in the morning, or even just give them a compliment about their hair or clothes. 

I think it really is just the little things that mean the most to people. And then when you are going through a hard time those people will return the favour and be there for you too. Sometimes we are so busy with our own lives, work, school and family that we can just forget how important it is to make other people feel good about themselves. This is getting pretty deep for a Monday evening and I still have some work to do for tomorrow! But I really am going to try and do this tomorrow, no matter how tired and stressed I am myself. 


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