Pretty In Peach

Pretty In Peach 

Since the sun started to come out last week there has been a colour theme in all my makeup. I am totally obsessed with coral/peach. It is just the perfect sophisticated summery pink colour. I also love how it really brightens up my skin and complexion and just gives my face a bit of colour. 

The three Essie nail polishes that are shown about are Sparkle on top, Figi (both appeared in yesterdays post) and Tart deco. Also about is the first creme blusher that I have ever tried and it is just amazing. This colour in 02 really makes my skin look so healthy and really compliments the two lip colours. So the lip combination that I have been loving is the Revlon matte lip balm in complex and on top of that I have been wearing the Maybelline colour sensational shine gloss. This kind of beats the point of the matte lip balm but it acts as such an amazing base and really brings out the beautiful colour of the lip gloss. 

Hope you guys are all having a lovely Wednesday, I’ve got back from school recently and I already ache from cardio in games at school! But I have to stuff my face with dinner and then head out to my dance class, which is getting super stressful with the show coming up soon. Speak later guys. And watch out in the next few days for a favourite Spring makeup look, which will be my first of this type on the blog! x


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