Barry M Spring Nails

Barry M Spring Nails 

So I know that it’s not long since I did my last nail polish post, but ever since my nails got stronger and started to grow I have really enjoyed painting them in beautiful Spring pastel colours. I have never really been into Barry M nail polishes like some people are but I have to admit that they do have some beautiful colours and nail effects at very good prices. These two colours, Gold Glitter 339 and Blue Moon 317 caught my eye a couple of weeks ago and I though they would look perfect together for Spring. 

Recently I have really been loving the accent nail trend as I think that it looks really polished and classy. It also means that you can wear glitter nail polish every day with out looking overdressed. 

One of the first things that I noticed about these nail polishes was how small the brush was on both of them. I personally am not a fan of tiny brushes as I find them harder to work with and more streaky. I much prefer being able to cover a nail polish in one swipe. The second thing that I noted about the pale blue polish was how thin it was when I applied it. I ended up having to do three coats of polish on my nails before I got them to the colour that I wanted, which also meant that the polished ended up looking really thick on my nails. Finally I found that the polish took so long to dry, to be fair it was probably because I had to do so many coats, but it was such a pain. I recon it took me over an hour to paint my nails! The only thing that I have found is that 4 days later and I am pretty impressed by how the nail polish has lasted as it hasn’t really chipped, but then that could just be my Rimmel top coat!
So overall, I haven’t really been that impressed by these nail polishes at all despite how beautiful I they look on the nails and how much I love the colours. For me the real let down was the tiny brushes and at the moment there is a new very pale blue colour in Barry M gelly high shine that I am desperate for, but I looked in Boots this Saturday and it has the same tiny brush and it put me off. I couldn’t find a colour anywhere like it though and I have heard and read so much about the gelly shine nail polishes so many I just need to try that one on my next Boots trip. Have any of you guys ever tried any of these, if so I would love to hear what you think. But for now I haven’t been converted to Barry M nail polishes and I am definitely an Essie girl! 


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