New Trainers And Cross Country

New Trainers And Cross Country 

Look who got some amazing new trainers? You can’t even being to imagine how happy I was when my mum brought these home last weekend. I think I actually did a little scream and a funny celebratory dance! For a few long time now, probably over a year I have been wearing my sisters old trainers which very battered and it’s just embarrassing. 

I am kinda obsessed and in love with these trainers now. Not only are they pink and gorgeous but they are also the comfiest pair of shoes that I have ever owned. On Sunday I just wore them with the rest of my dance gear to my lesson and I got so many compliments! And I have been running and going to the gym a lot more recently and I really think that these beauties are going to help motivate me to be fit for summer. 

Today I have just got home after doing house cross country for school. It was very cold and very muddy as it had been raining nearly all day. I managed to finish in 12th place out of about 60 girls so I was so happy with myself. I started off pretty slow, probably a bit too slow, but at the end I forced myself to do a sprint finish and I managed to overtake about 10 people! Feeling pretty tired now so I am going to have a nice candle lit bubble bath and hopefully get quite an early night. x


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