Clinique Spring Offer

Clinique Spring Offer

 So last weekend on my weekly tip to Boots, and yes it has now become a thing. The staff have all started to recognise me as I walk in on a saturday afternoon now! Anyway, I headed over to the Clinique counter to pick up some anti-blemish gel for my skin where upon I was told that if I bought one extra product from their line I would receive this beautiful tin of goodies. And I know that Clinique is expensive and there want’s really anything that I desperately needed, but it was a deal, and I can never say no to a deal, particularly not in Boots! So in the end I bought my skin gel and a waterproof mascara and was handed my gorgeous tin of Clinique goodies. 

There is a surprising amount of lovely products in her and I definitely think that this deal is worth it. I have really been lovely the eye cream so far as I have been looking for a nice new eye cream for a while and this may just be the one. I also really love using the dramatically different moisturising lotion before I apply my makeup in the morning as it is a lovely base to work on. And the cute little mascara and lip gloss are perfect to carry around in my bag all day for those bathroom top-ups! And miniature things just make me happy for some reason, the travel section in Boots is a bit of a weakness of mine!

And if you still were sure if you really need this offer or if it is really worth it, then can we just have a look at this tin for a minute? How beautiful and Springy (not sure if that is a word!) is it? And a girl can never have too many cute boxes and tins to store nail polishes or beauty products or maybe even homemade cakes! 


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