Last Day Of Term

Last Day Of Term 

The Friday just gone was the last day of term before I broke up for Easter holidays. It was sort of exciting that I was now on a three week holiday but also very scary that exams are that little bit nearer. And this is meant to be the first serious revision holiday – so not really a holiday after all. Friday was actually only a half day for us so we had three lessons in the morning,  for me double geography and a free with all my friends which was pretty lucky! After that we had break time and them some time on our tutor groups to sort admin and receive our terms grades – which I was really happy with. Then at about midday we had an hour long whole school assembly. It was so boring, and basically just everyone continuously clapping as the next person received their prize for drama or music or hockey or rugby. 

After school I got the bus home to my boyfriend, Jack’s house. I was going to meet him on his bus after school assembly and it got to 1:15pm when the buses were meant to be leaving and he still wasn’t there! All of a sudden he climbed onto the bus looking very grumpy becuase he had managed to loose his whole school bag which had some of his economics books in that he needed for revision! He is useless! Then we arrived back to his house and he announced that he didn’t have any keys, so we had to wait house for nextdoor to give us the spare house keys that they kept!

When we finally got inside we each showered and changed into comfy clothes ready for movie time. We made a giant milkshake using ice cream, milk. Oreo and Galaxy chocolate, which tasted amazing! We ended up watching Toy Story 3 and then we had a nap after as we had both had so much milkshake we felt a bit sick! Later we had dinner with his family and they drove me home at about 8:30 as I had to pack for my dance show the next day. 

The picture is just my outfit and hair on the last day as I really liked what I was wearing and it was really nice and summery! Hope you guys are having a lovely holiday so far if it has started or are just enjoying the weekend and Mothers Day. x


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