Dance Show Hair And Makeup

Dance Show Hair And Makeup

So I spent the whole of this weekend dancing with my dance school and had the most amazing time. We arrived at 8:30am on Saturday morning and where shown to our dressing rooms and where we needed to be. After that we had a full dress and tech rehearsal which was really stressful. In the first act I wasn’t dancing very much but I was looking after the much younger children (aged 4-7) and doing lots of their quick changes. It was so rushed and there were a few times where we nearly missed it, but the kids were so cute and they just say the funniest things!

After the rehearsal we had just under an hour to do all of our hair and makeup and pre-set or costumes again ready for the matinee performance. The pictures above are of my hair and makeup. I did a kind of smokey eye and red lips and then we all had to have our hair the same, half up in a french plait. Apart from a little bit of a ribbon mess up in the ballet dance everything went well. 

On Sunday we arrived back again but at midday, ready to go straight into the matinee which again went really well. Then we were allowed to leave for a hour and a half where I met up with my family and went out for a meal at Pizza Express for Mothers Day. I was so hungry as I had skipped lunch for being so busy dancing, but it was so difficult not to eat loads and really quickly as I didn’t want to feel sick for the evening performance!

The evening performance was the one that I had been most nervous about. Firstly this was the show that all of my friends and family were coming to watch and secondly this was my very last show ever. I have been dancing with my dance school, Housley since 2002, when I was 5. Over the years I have done ballet, modern, tap, jazz, musical theatre, singing and drama and well as having a job of teaching ballet, modern and tap to the younger children. The dance school has been a huge part of my childhood and I have so many happy memories of being there and all the friends that I have made. I made the decision a while ago that after the show I wouldn’t go back so I could focus on my exams, meaning that last night was my very last time at Housley which was very emotional. 

A few of us started crying just before the finale, and once I started I just couldn’t stop! Seeing everyone come on the stage together and clapping to the same song we have every show at the finale, One step closer – S club juniors was so hard and almost too much for me. It felt like I was just saying goodbye to a huge part of my childhood. The was a special mention at the end for myself and the three others that were my age and also leaving, which just made me cry even more! And I think some of the very young children were worried about why I was crying! There was lots of crying and hugging and promises to stay in touch down in the dressing room and very long goodbyes as we all sang/wailed to Whitney Houston! 

I finally stopped crying in the car on the way home and took my makeup off and got straight to sleep as I was so tired. I’m very lucky that I had already broken up for the Easter holidays as many of my friends were back at school today. I think today I will just rest and sort things out and get organised before I start some revision tomorrow.

Below I have found a few photos that we took during the dance show. And they were taken on Iphone so the quality really isn’t that great, sorry. 


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