March Favourites

March Favourites 

So this month there have been several new products that I tried and just fallen in love with and now I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without them. I have been trying to take much better care of my skin and exfoliating and moisturising more as it isn’t too long before I will be wearing shorts and then after that bikinis! And as the weather has got a bit warmer I have been wearing a lot less makeup for Spring and I feel much more fresh faced.

Soap and Glory Fake Away Shower Exfoliator
I have never really used body scrubs as to me it just seemed a lot of effort and not really worth the time. But since I have started to use this my skin just feels amazing and not to mention how good it smells! I just use this a couple of times a week in my shower, usually before a heavy moisturising or gradual tanning session. This product has totally converted me to exfoliators.

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing Power
I had wanted this for such a long time after having read so many reviews of it. I finally managed to get my hands on it at the beginning of this month with a Boots 3 for 2 offer. It really is a fantastic brozer and I would really recommend it to people who are new to bronzer as it is basically impossible to overdo it with this one. Plus it smells lovely! I chose the lighter shade and it gives my face a lovely glow and it very subtle, so if you are looking for something to make you look tanned then this isn’t the one for you. But I am so impressed with this and have been chosing it over my Rimmel bronzer everyday.

Quick Fix Facials Exfoliating Scrub Mask
Don’t worry, I haven’t been forgetting to exfoliate my face! I don’t even know where to start with this product, it’s just fantastic. You use it after washing your face as an exfoliating scrub but then instead of washing it off you leave it on like a mask to really get all the grime out of your pores. I like to use this once a week or twice if I feel my skin really needs cleaning. It feels amazing afterwards and I really think it has had an amazing impact on removing a lot of my blackheads. I haven’t seen this being talked about but it really should be.

Rimmel Matte BB Cream
I have combination not oily skin, but throughout the day I tend to get very shiny and am constantly going to the bathroom to powder. But this has solved so many of my problems. It gives a really lovely natural finish and despite what I thought it might be like it doesn’t look cakey at all. I have been wearing this basically everyday and it feels no light on my skin, like I can’t tell it’s even there. If you are looking for high coverage then this isn’t for you, but if you want something nice and light for Spring then this is the product. The only downside is that the colour range is pretty rubbish.

Maybelline Colorsensational Shine Gloss in Cashmere Rose
I have hated lip gloss for a good few years now. I hate the way it feels on my lips, I hate how my hair would always stick to it and I hate how after about and hour the colour would be gone and my lips would be left feeling dry and I hate how lip gloss reminds me of when I was about 8 and I would wear the samples from magazines that smelt of playdough and had massive chunks of glitter in. So basically it is a wonder that I even bought this product! But I had heard Alix from I Covet Thee say how lovely they were and she was totally right. I have been wearing this so much this month and it looks just beautiful and so fresh for Spring. And the formula is more like a lip balm than a lip gloss which is amazing 

Bourjois Cream Blush in 02
I have never tried a cream blush before but as the weather has been getting warmer and Spring is basically here I have just been loving the colour coral, and while at the Bourjois makeup stand this caught my eye. I honestly think that cream blushes are amazing now, especially for Spring and summer to give a more dewy glow. I really love the color of this one and it seems to stay on my skin all day. I defo have to go and look at some of the other colours in this range, I think a really bright pink would be fun!

La Source Hand Therapy 
My mum was given this as a birthday present at the beginning of March and didn’t want it, so naturally it became mine. The smell of this isn’t overpowering at all and it is very thick and moisturising which is what my very dry hands need right now. It hasn’t replaced my Garnier hand moisturiser for the place in my everyday handbag, but it has been living on my bedside table and I have really enjoyed using this every night just before I go to sleep. 

The second photo shown are samples of the bronzer (hard to see), lip gloss and cream blush. 


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