Revlon Colourburst Reviews And Samples

Revlon Colourburst Reviews And Samples

I bought both of these a few weeks ago but I have been wearing them a lot recently and I though I would share my opinion of them. The ones that I have are Complex, which is a matte nude colour and Demure, which is a sparkly baby pink. What caught my eye first was the beautiful packaging of both the products. I love how the matte ones are matte and the glossy ones are shiny and how the whole packaging is the colour of the products so it is really easy to tell when you are reaching for one. 


This is a matte nude colour that I think is a bit more on the orange side. This is the first matte lip product that I have ever owned and I was very impressed. I really love how this looks on the lips despite what I though it really hasn’t been that drying. I have been wearing this during the day with my usual makeup as it looks really natural or in the evening with a smokey eye as it really lets the eyes do the talking. The only thing that I will say about this product though is that you do have to have really lovely smooth and soft lips otherwise it just goes a bit patchy. Before I wear it I usually use a toothbrush and some Vaseline to give my lips a good scrub and remove any possible flaky patches. 


This is just such a beautiful girlie Spring colours. I was surprised at how glittery it was when I first used it but the glittery is very fine so it doesn’t look anything like the lip glosses I used to wear when I was 8 or so. The colour itself really reminds me of princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and her gorgeous pink dress. I love wearing this with really light makeup and a coral cream blush to really pull the fresh look together. This colour is also lovely under lip glosses such as Maybelline Cashmere Rose which is my personal favourite at the moment. 

As you can see I have loved both of these products and am very tempted to get a couple more. However I have already got both the nude colours and I am not really a bright lip colour wearer. But if you have tried any of the other colours and you have any recommendations for me I would really love to hear. 


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