Five Reasons I love Candles

Five Reasons I love Candles 

I love burning a good candle, whatever time of year. I probably have a bit of a candle obsession with about 15 floating around in my room. But I think there are a few reasons why everybody needs a few candles in their life. 

  1. They smell amazing – there is just a huge range of choice for any type of smell you could ever imagine. Picking your candle is like choosing a perfume, just for your home. It needs to reflect you and your style. And candles are sold in so many places, even supermarkets, so they don’t need to be expensive. 
  2. They set the mood – there is nothing better than reading in bed or listening to calming music next to the flicker of a candle flame, especially in winter. 
  3. They are lovely decor – so much though and effort goes into candle design and most of them are so beautiful. They look perfct on any dressing table, coffee table, window sill or any surface really. Another option would be to invest in the lovely candle holder and then you can keep refilling it with candles so it will never run out. 
  4. They are so relaxing – having a candle in the room really relaxes me. I like to light them while I’m working as well as when I’m in the bath!
  5. They have so many other uses – once the candle is finished you can clean out all of the wax and you are left with a beautiful jar that you can use in any way you like. It could be a makeup brush holder, a tea light holder, a flower vase or just simply a decorative piece in a room. 

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  1. April 8, 2014 / 2:33 pm

    I love the print on the biggest candle! I love keeping the jars they come in, sometimes I buy them just for the glass jars! x

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