Outfit For A Girls Night In

Outfit For A Girls Night In

Last night was one of my friends 19th birthday parties, which was just a small group of us chilling at her house, eating lots of pizza and chocolate, chatting and watching chick flicks. So basically my perfect evening! I just thought I’d do a little post on what I wore as I think this outfit is the perfect combination of pretty and comfy. 

I’m definitly a jeans over leggings kind of girl and even when I’m just at home and not really doing very much it is 95% likely that I will be wearing jeans. Comfy and slightly elasticated jeans are such a wardrobe staple and they will go with basically anything and can be dressed up or down. I have heard a lot about Topshop jeans and how amazing they are but I haven’t yet tried then. Mine are from Uniglo which is slightly jeans and they are such a good fit and unlike lots of jeans they are really long on the leg which I love. In fact I love these jeans so much I have them in three different shades of denim and they are basically the only jeans that I ever wear. 

The sequined collar blouse is my most recent purchase from ASOS sale, plus a 30% off offer! When it came I wasn’t actually completely sure about it as it was very thin see through material and it was quite a lot longer at the back than at the front which I hadn’t really got from the picture on the website. I think when clothes arrive it’s really important to spend a bit of time trying them on and working out how you are going to wear them and what else they will go with in you wardrobe. Initially I though that I would be wearing this blouse in summer with a little pair of short but I have actually found that it looks much better with jeans and paired with a high-neck jumper. I really love the colour and the sequin detail of the collar on this shirt as I have been looking for one like this for a while. 

Finally the grey cable knit jumper that I’m wearing is one that I have had for about 4 years now from Dorothy Perkins. I basically live in this jumper, particularly in the winter as it is a bit over sized and perfect for layering lots of other clothes under. It hasn’t really lost it’s shape too much and considering how many times it has been worn and washed it is probably one of the most loved item in my wardrobe. I decided to roll the sleeves up a couple of times for this outfit as I think it makes the whole look a bit more flattering and I means that the bracelets that I’m wearing can also be seen. 

My dark purple bracelet is from Pandora and the others that I am wearing are from small boutiques in Cornwall. The earrings that I’m wearing are really beautiful ones from Accessorize that I think go so perfectly with my new blouse. 

So I hope you likes this outfit and leave a comment below with what you think or what you would wear to a girlie movie night. xx


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