Boots Tea Tree Nose Strips

Boots Tea Tree Nose Strips

I feel like nose strips aren’t one of those things that are talked about a lot, maybe because when you think about it, they are actually pretty gross. Talking about nose strips it kinda like talking about a good razor or a treatment for eczema, not very glamorous. But when something like this works I think it still deserves to be shared.

Like a lot of people I suffer from spots, particularly blackheads, and particularly around my nose. They aren’t painful or overly obvious but they are definitely there and no matter what face wash I use or how well it clears up the rest of my skin the backheads will remain. I started using nose strips a while ago, I think I thought they were cool after watching Princess Diaries. I’ve tried a few different brands but the Boots own seem to be the ones that I always go back to.

These are just so quick and easy to use. Basically you splash your nose with a bit of warm water, dry your hands and stick the strip firmly onto your nose. You then spend 10-15 minutes looking a bit silly until the strip is hard and then you carefully peel it off. After I like to splash my face with water and then use a bit of my Clinique stop treatment gel and a tiny amount of moisturiser. After using a nose strip and removing a lot of the yucky stuff that was clogging up your pores and forming blackheads, you are sort of left with little holes were they were. If left alone they will just fill with dirt and clog up again so it’s quite important afterwards to use some kind of treatment or cleanser etc afterwards. The tea tree in these ones also helps to maintain the clear pores and prevent blackheads from reappearing.

These nose strips haven’t made me totally immune to blackheads so don’t expect any miracles. But what they have done is significantly reduce them and made them a lot less noticeable. I like to use these on a pamper evening about twice a month or when I feel that I really need them. So I hope this post hasn’t been too gross and let me know in the comments what your opinion of nose strips are.


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