Updated Skin Care Routine

Updated Skin Care Routine 

I changed up my whole skin care routine over two months ago but am only just talking about it now. The reason is that skin care isn’t like makeup, it takes a lot longer to find out if it is working as see how your skin is going to reach in the long run. I didn’t want to talk about products that two weeks later I would find aren’t working as well as I thought. But I have finished most of what I originally bought and now I am at the repurchase stage so I thought it was about time I did a little post on it.

Firstly if you have read my blog from the beginning then you are probably wondering why I changed up my skin rountine anyway. One of my first blog posts was about the skin care set I was using that was prescribed by a dermatologists. I had been using it for years and it worked really well on my sensitive skin. The reason that I stopped using Clenziderm by Obagi was because it came to my attention, through an email that there was an ingredient in the products that had been scientifically proven to thin skin. I decided that however good the products were for my skin at the moment I wasn’t going to risk it, so stopped using them immediately.

For a couple of weeks I used a few different products but they all seemed to leave my skin feeling painful and a bit irritated. Finally I went to the Clinique counter in Boots and they gave me a sample kit which lasted a week. After using the sample kit I decided to just by the products, but skin hadn’t suddenly become perfect, but it wasn’t irritated anymore. In the first two weeks of using the products, or possible because it was just that time of the month (if you get my drift) my skin got significantly worse. But I stuck with the products telling myself that they were just bringing to the surface the spots that were already under my skin. After about a month my skin looked a lot better than before. I was still breaking out in a few spots every now and again but the overall smoothness of my skin was a millions times better.

The range that I use is Clinique’s anti-blemish products. I use the foam face wash, followed by the clarifying lotion (similar to a toner) and then the thin layer of the clearing gel all over my face. After I wait a few minutes for that to really soak into my skin before using the all over clearing treatment (not a moisturiser) and putting a little bit of the spot treatment gel on targeted spots. Then I will use my regular moisturiser and eye cream.

I’ve been using this set for nearly three months now and I am really very happy with it. My skin is nowhere near perfect, but I am guessing that it more because I’m a teenager, I don’t drink enough water and I LOVE chocolate and squirty cream! However it has made my skin a lot clearer and I think all that I need now is a bit of sum to add some colour to my face! So bring on summer!


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