The Body Shop Bargains

The Body Shop Bargains

I had been meaning to get a new light moisturiser for a while and after hearing a lot of good things about the Body Shop’s Vitamin E moisturing cream and never having tried anything from the Body Shop skin care range before I decided it was time to give it a go. It just so happened that when I arrived the body shop last week they were having huge sales! So the bargain hunter in me decided that it was much better value to buy this pack of the skin care set containing the moisturiser I wanted from the Vitamin E range for only £18.

At the same time I was also told that my Body Shop card was running out so I also repurchased that for £5 and received this free Jasmine Blossom perfume which I am in love with. It’s basically Spring in a bottle! The Body Shop card in not as good as a Boots card in my opinion, but it does offer 10% off everything you buy and free gifts worth between £5 and £10 when you spend certain amounts so if you shop at The Body Shop often then I would recommend it.

If you read my last post on my updated skin care rountine not to long ago then you might be wondering why I am already changing up my skin rountine after saying I was happy with it. I a my Clinique facial products as they are really good at clearing up my skin. What makes them so good is that they are quite strong and drying and over the last few days it has been a little too drying, hence the need for a good moisturiser. I’m also one of those people that wants to try something as soon as a buy it so for the last few days I have been doing my regular skincare routine in the morning but using these new Body Shop products in the evening.

And I am really pleased with the results so far. The Body Shop collection smells lovely and the Clinique products are still keeping my skin clear but I have also noticed how glowing and healthy looking my skin is as well. At the moments I am really loving using these combinations of products on my skin. But I am slowing becoming one of those people who likes to change things up more often, and I’m still on the hunt for that wonder product so I’m just not saying this combination will last forever. Hope you enjoyed this honest post and let me know in the comments below is you have any skin care product recommendations for me, I’d love to hear them. xx


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