Two Mags You’ve Got To Have

Two Mags You’ve Got To Have

Thought that I would do a quick post on a couple of magazines that I have really been loving recently. I am definitely a major magazine reader, ever since I was about 11 and started reading Sugar and Shout. I don’t like gossip magazines but I do love a good fashion mag. And even though that I can never afford any of the designer clothes in them I love getting inspired by new season trends. 

The first magazine that I have been loving is Elle Collections, which comes out twice a year at the beginning of each new fashion season. This is just a great way to see all the designers different collections and is a great sneak peak into the high end fashion world. The magazine its self is just so classy and the layout is always beautiful. I think this is the perfect accessory to have on you coffee table as well as it just looks so pretty!

The second magazine is Fashion Cosmopolitan which is massive. I’ve never read this before but I do love Cosmo and love how their fashion is such a mis of high end and high street. And for fashion lovers this mag is just amazing. It’s filled with high end catwalk looks, this seasons “it” trends and so many different inspiration lookbooks, plus there’s even some beauty and hair trends at the end. I just love flicking through this and because it is is a mix of designer and high street it is just filled with some amazing bargain buys. I may have a few things circled and on my wishlist already!

So if you get the change I really would try and get your hands on these as they are great. And let me know in the comments below what your favourite magazines are!

Elle Collections  – £7
Fashion Cosmopolitan – £4.99


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