April Favourites

April Favourites

This month has been all about the beauty products rather than makeup. Most of the month I was on my Easter holiday which meant that I was sitting at my desk revising with absolutely no makeup on! But I have been getting a lot more into my beauty regime and taking better care of my skin, hair and nails. I like to think of it as starting my summer prep a little early! And then fingers crossed come summer I will be fully moisturised with subsequently radiant and glowing skin, glossy hair and perfect cuticles. Well, a girl can only dream! Anyway, on to the products that I have been really loving this month.

Vaseline Essential Cocoa Moisturiser
Firstly this stuff smells incredible. Anything cocoa and I’m basically sold. I think this is definitely a moisturizer to use before bed as it’s quite thick and I think you may have to wait a bit before getting dressed. But I’m mostly an evening showerer so its fine. I find that this really evens out my skin and I wake up the next morning just feeling so lovely and moisturised. Seriously cannot get enough of this product.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil
This is exactly what it says on the bottle. If I could only pick one other hair product apart from shampoo and conditioner I would have to pick this. It just makes my hair super soft and silky which is saying something as I actually suffer from really dry hair. I smells good, it’s easy to apply and it doubles up as a heat protectant as well. I mean what’s not to love?!

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner
It’s not as if I even needed another lip balm, I would guess I have about 15 around that house and in different handbags and jacket pockets. But this one caught my eye and I really wanted to just try it out. I don’t really know how to describe it and I know it won’t be up everyone’s street. It smells sort of like minty vanilla if that is even a thing, and after you apply it it feels cooling and slightly tingly as if it is doing something incredible when it is only really moisturising. I have just really enjoyed using this especially before bed as I wake up and its still there!

Boots Alternatives Tea Tree Oil
I go through phases of using this quite a lot and then I seem to forget about it for a bit and then find it is my draw again. This month it has been a bit of a saviour as a had a few really nasty under the skin spot earlier in the month. A few dabs of this on a cotton bud a couple of times a day helped clear up my problems so quickly. I think it definitely works on larger under the skin spots but I wouldn’t advise putting it on broken skin or any raw spots as that can really sting.

Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Colour
I get through top coats pretty quickly as once I paint my nails I will reapply a top coat everyday to try and make the polish last as long as possible. While in Boots I grabbed this becuase I wanted something cheap and quick. It wasn’t until I got it home that I realised it wasn’t specifically a top coat, just a clear nail polish. But as I had nothing else to use I just used this and I was so impressed with the results. To be fair Essie nail polishes do have incredible lasting power on their own, but I really do fell like this made a difference too. Plus it’s just a cheap and cheerful clear nail polish which everyone needs anyway!


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