Gap Blue Spring Jeans

Gap Blue Spring Jeans

Don’t you just love it when you see something in a shop that you love but it is a little over your budget and then a few weeks later you find it just in your size for 65% off? Plus a load of other bargains in the sale as well! Don’t worry, I don’t think this has ever happened to me ever, since last week! It was kinda like finding £50 in a coat pocket that you forgot about. And because I bought these in the sale I like to think that I saved about £50 as well! 

Gap is having such an amazing sale at the moment with up to 75% off. And I know three pairs of the same jeans in different shades of blue is a bit excessive, but I just fell in love with all of them. I just think that they are the most beautiful shades and the colours are really unusual. The one of the left is my favourite and then one that I saw first before it was in the sale. It’s just the perfect baby blue colour, and I have never see this shade before. The middle colour is a bit more out of my comfort zone as they are brighter, but they aren’t bold or in your face and I think they look really classy. And finally I already have a pair of mint jeans but the Gap ones of the right are so much brighter and a much prettier colour. I brought them home and compared them to my other ones and they really aren’t that similar so I know I will wear both. And for £15 how could I say no?

So check out Gap now for some really lovely, amazingly discounted Spring fashion. And probably pretty quickly before I start buying everything!


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