A Little Shopping Trip…

A Little Shopping Trip…

Oops! So this all happened on my so called little break from revision! My first stop was at the Body Shop as I wanted to pick up the same vitamin e moisturiser that I tried not that long ago and get the night cream from the same range. But there was a three for two offer on skincare and makeup which basically meant that I got to pick something else up for free! So my love for face masks drew me to the vitamin e mask in this range. I’ve given it one go last night and so far so good, but expect a fully review coming shortly when I’ve given it a few good tries. 

I had a list when I went into Boots of four things that I needed; bio oil, nose strips, Aussie 3 minute miracle and Herbal Essences hair mask. So saying that I actually did okay and the only other Beauty product that I picked up was the Garnier micellar cleansing water which I have never tried before but I have heard a lot about it and wanted to give it a go. So keep an eye on the blog for a post on my first impressions of that coming soon. And being on of the very few people who have never tried Bioderma I won’t have a high end product to compare it to! 

So all was going pretty well until I saw all the signs for a 3 for 2 on all makeup. Why do shops do this?! I don’t know if anyone else does this but I watch a lot of beauty and makeup videos on YouTube and read a lot of blogs. And whenever I see a product that I like the look of or really want to try I write it down on a list on my phone, which is dangerous really as then I think I need it. Sometimes I get to Boots and the colour isn’t what it looked like on the screen so I don’t buy it. But most of the time when I have enough money I will pick it up. I’ve have heard so much about these Rimmel lipsticks and this colour looked gorgeous so I picked that one up. Then also I had had my eye for a while on this Boujois bronzing primer as with summer coming and me not really have seen any sun I starting to feel the need to fake it a bit more! Finally to complete my 3 for 2 I picked up this really simple matte brown shade for L’Oreal as it will be so versatile and I think it will just be one that I can wear everyday.

If you’d looked carefully at the first picture you might now be wondering if I’m going to talk about what’s in the Accessorize bag. Well it’s something wanted for such a long time and when I saw this in the shop just over a month ago it was perfect and since then I have just been saving up for it. But you’re going to have to wait for a post all about what’s in the Accessorize bag coming up in the next few days!  


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