Exams And A Blog Update

Exams And A Blog Update 

So this is just a short post to let you know what is going to be going on on Penney Chic over the next month and a bit. Tomorrow marks the first day of my exams, and it’s the 13th so that’s a great start. But how cute are all my family for sending me these good luck cards? I also got some money and some chocolate but they are both already gone!

Anyway, over the last few months school has been cranking up the pressure but through a mix of revision and mocks and homework I like to think that I have managed to stay pretty active on my blog. However with exams actually starting I’ve decided that everything else needs to take a bit of a backseat. I haven’t really had a social life for a while and I barely even have time to watch TV!

So this is just a post to apologise in advance for not being very active over the next few weeks. Lately I’ve been trying to post every other day but now I recon it is going to be more like once or twice a week. I have a long and ever growing list of post ideas and I have lots of exciting thing this summer to write about such as my leavers ball, girlie holiday to Majorca, Paris with my boyfriend, Cornwall with my family and Devon with my best friend, and of course my 18th birthday at the end of summer!

I know I’m a pretty new blog with not very many readers so this isn’t really the best time to be going on a bit of a blog break or not posting as much. But I just wanted to thank everyone that does read and comment on my blog, it really means a lot. And I hope that you guys can wait for me to get my exams over with so I can get back to blogging as much as I would like. Thank you xx

P.S. Good luck to anyone else who also has exams coming up 🙂


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