New Statement Necklace

New Statement Necklace

This is the new statement Accessorize necklace that I bought last weekend that I have been so excited to show you. I am just in love with it and think it would look lovely with so many different things. What I really like about this necklace is that it is fairly subtle for a statement necklace so it can still be worn just everyday to dress up a plain jumper and a pair of jeans. And with the weather at the moment in England it seems like that’s what I’m going to be wearing a lot. I also love the colours of like necklace as they are very simple and mean that it will go with nearly everything. 

I can’t wait until all of my revision and exams are over so I can start actually leaving the house and wearing this! 

If you like this necklace then you can find it here:,acc_2.3/5820407000


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