My Last Day Of School Ever

My Last Day Of School Ever

The Friday just gone marked the last day of my school career. It was pretty emotional although surprisingly I didn’t cry because I don’t think it has really suck in yet. And also I will be going back to school on the days that I have exams anyway. This isn’t a beauty or fashion post but I though I’d talk a bit about the day and then show you some photos cus I took my camera to school and got some really nice shots.

We got to school for 10am which was lovely as it meant I had a nice lie in and woke up with time to curl my hair! When we got to school we had a nice cooked breakfast as a year group before going over to our last ever assembly. In the assembly the end of year film and pictures were shown and each tutor group gave their form tutors a present and gave a little speech.

After we had a final year photo in our uniforms which took forever to organise as can only be expected. Then we all ran off and got changed into our costume for the silly photograph. I wore my panda onesie with my group of friends who all wore different animal onesies. Once the photos had finished we all got changed into some casual clothes and headed up to the rugby field at the top of school. Here we found the school had hired out dodgems which was so much fun (and a little painful!). So we all went on the dodgems including the teachers and had a barbecue and ate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. And thankfully the sun was shining and it was such a beautiful day.

In the evening we came back to school in our smart clothes for a posh dinner in our tutor groups followed by plenty of photos. Then there was bible service where there were speeches and singing and we were each handed our bible by the headmaster. After we all headed back to the refectory with the teachers and parents where we received our yearbooks and drank wine and there was lots of hugging and tears. After I headed over to my friends house and we had an awesome celebratory party at his, with plenty of singing and dancing.

I’ve only been at this school for 2 years but I just fell in love with everything about it. I’ve made some amazing friends and met my boyfriends and I think I have really changed since going here. I’m going to miss school so much, definitely the people more than the lessons though. It’s emotional that such a huge part of my life is coming to an end and now I’m heading on out into the big wide world but it’s exciting at the same time.  


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