New Makeup Storage

New Makeup Storage

Okay, I’ll just admit it. I’ve fallen for that whole Muji makeup storage craze! I’d had enough of storing all of my makeup in washbags and makeup bags and never being able to find anything. So I went ahead and bought myself two Muji wide makeup drawers, one with a flip top and one without. I have to admit I probably ordered these over a month ago and they only arrived last week, so not very impressed my that. But now they have arrived and I have sorted and cleaned and arranged all my makeup I am so happy with it.

The drawers are clear plastic which means it so easy to see and find everything. I think they look really neat and tidy and it has made my job of finding my makeup a lot quicker in the morning. Getting these drawers also forced me into sorting through all of my makeup and throwing the old/never used products away, a very long overdue task! The only thing is that I am slightly worried by how much makeup I already had. No way did I expect to fill all four of these drawers straight away, but now if I want any more products (particularly lip) then I’m going to be needed some more drawers!

So if you haven’t already joined this craze then I really recommend it. I now see what all the hype is about. It’s changed the way that I use my makeup and now that I can see everything I have I’m not just reaching for the same products everyday, instead I’m being more adventurous and getting use out of everything. 

These Muji drawes can be found here


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