May Favourites

May Favourites

It’s a bit of a random collection of products that I have been loving this month. And I haven’t really bought many new products so I’ve been turning back to some old favourites. So lets get into it.

Body Shop eyeliner – Pure Gold
I picked this up a while back when The Body Shop were having a small sale on a few makeup products. It was about £2, looked pretty and I just couldn’t resist. I only found it again earlier this month when I was sorting through all of my makeup and now I can’t stop using it. I love using it on my lower lash line or in the inner corners of my eyes as it really brightens them and looks so nice and summery.

Natural Collection eyeshadow – Barley
This is a lovely warm shade of gold that goes perfectly with the Body Shop Pure Gold eyeliner. I’ve started to get a little bit more of a tan (mostly from a bottle and a good bronzer!) and I think that gold eye makeup really compliments a more tanned complexion. This was also only £1.99 and I was really surprised by how good the quality is. I have quite a few of these Natural Collection eyeshadow pots as they are good for travelling and for less than £2 you can’t really go wrong!

Essie nail polish – Lilacism
You can tell that Spring/Summer is basically here now becuase I am all over pastel nail polish. The one that I have been wearing most of this month is this gorgeous lilac colour from Essie. It’s so feminine and pretty and such amazing quality, as can only be expected from Essie.

Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion – Medium to dark
I’m not at all experienced when it comes to tanning. I tend to make the decision that I would prefer to be natural and pale than orange and blotchy, so I stay away from fake tan. But one thing I do use and I love are gradual tanning moisturisers. If I know I have a party or an event then a week or so before I will do a couple of fully body gradual tanning moisturising sessions. This one from Dove is the best that I have tried so far. It gives a lovely colour that is definitely more brown than orange and with 1-2 coats still looks pretty natural. It has a little bit of a smell, not at all a bad one and not biscuity but it does have a smell. But until I get a really tan in summer I will be be sticking with this.

Foxes – Glorious
So this is the first time that I have ever mentioned music on my monthly favourites but I first heard Foxes earlier this month and I have just been listening to her music on repeat ever since. My favourite songs on the album are “Holding on to heaven”, “Let go for tonight” and “Youth”. She has such a great voice and her music is just happy and summery and its been a long time since I found an artist that I have liked this much. Her album Glorious is available on iTunes now so definitely go and give her a listen. 



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