Lauren Conrad – Style

Lauren Conrad  – Style

This is kind of a beauty and fashion related post but I thought I would talk about something a little different today, it a book that I have really been loving recently. I actually got this book last year for my birthday and while I did have a good flick through it then once school started back I kind of forgot about it. It had sort of just become a decoration display with a candle on my window sill! But recently in between my revision when I have caught up with MiC and Revenge I have found myself increasingly reaching for a book. 

This book is Style by Lauren Conrad. I know she also has another book called Beauty which I now have my eye on but if you just wanted one then I would recommend this as it covers everything. Lauren Conrad is one of my style icons anyway as I just love her laid back LA style, a bit boho and girlie but also sophisticated. She isn’t too out there and she’s not trying to break any fashion boundaries like some celebs seem to be but it means she hardly ever gets it wrong. 

This book covers everything a girl could need style wise. It is divided into three main sections; Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle and covers everything from how to shop online, how best to store your clothes, how to accessorize, makeup tips and essentials, hair tutorials and planning for events and parties. 

I think this is such a great book as a treat for yourself or a present for someone. It’s not a book that you have to read all in one go, you can pick it up have a flick through, copy a makeup look or find out how to layer tops. It’s the perfect read for anyone interested in beauty or fashion to read in the evening with a hot drink in bed. And also the actual book is so pretty so you might as well use it as a coffee table decoration as well! 


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