Exams, Comfort Food And Some Retail Therapy

Exams, Comfort Food And Some Retail Therapy

My exams started a couple of weeks ago but yesterday was my first A2 exam. I had revised loads but I’m the kind of person that just gets so scared before exams and I work myself up and I don’t even know why. I wanted to get an early night on Monday so I sacrificed Revenge and Made in Chelsea and was all tucked up in bed by 9:30pm, which is a record for me! And I just couldn’t sleep. And when two and a half hours later I did finally drift off I woke up 45 minutes later. It was one of the worst nights that I’d had in a long time and in total I recon I got about 3 hours sleep. Not exactly what you want the day before a big exam!

As for the exam itself I don’t really know how it went! It could have been better, but then it wasn’t a total disaster either. And with an essay subject like Economics it’s a lot harder to tell I find. One thing that I really can’t stand though is people discussing answers after an exam! Does anybody else find this? Once it’s done, it’s over and I just want to forget about it because I know that however I did I can’t change it.

So to escape after an exam that I wasn’t totally satisfied with I went into town with my boyfriend and two of our friends for a good old KFC. Nothing beats popcorn chicken and chips when your tired and low! As we were walking back my friend and I dragged the guys into Superdrug as there was a 3 for 2 on all makeup, and who can resist an offer like that?

I have an ever growing list on my phone that I make while reading blogposts or watching YouTube beauty videos of all the products that I think look good or I really want to try. It’s a dangerous habit and a slippery slope as now there products are building up on a list and I have to buy them in order to tick them off! This is why I have no money all the time! And also Nero and Starbucks! So the three products that I picked up were MaXfactor colour elixir lip liner in 02 pink petal, MaXfactor brow fantasy in Brunette and Rimmel scandal eyes eyeshadow stick in 011 bluffing. I’ve already tested them a few times and so far I am very happy with my choices. But obviously I’m going to try them a lot more before I write a post with my full reviews. But let me know if you have tried any of these products and when you think of them, I really interested to know. 

After school I had a really good gym session and then this evening I have just been chilling, doing a face mask and catching up on the TV that I missed last night.

I’m really enjoying doing more chatting post just about my life as well as the beauty and fashion ones. But ‘d love to get your opinion on what you think and which type of posts you prefer to read. xx


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