Today In Pictures – 07/06/2014

Today In Pictures – 07/06/2014

Today was mostly filled with revision again, but only a week and a half more to go now and I am just so excited for summer. Around midday I went into town with my mum and younger sister, Sarah. It had been raining really heavily in earlier in the morning but by midday it was so humid – like T-shirt weather which is crazy! Anyway, after ordering 3 pairs of shoes online for my school Summer Ball at the beginning of July I finally found the perfect pair while returning another pair to Dorothy Perkins.

I know that not everyone will love them and that they are pretty boring but I needed something simple as my dress is pretty embellished already. Also it is a ball dress so it’s long and they won’t be seen anyway. And I really like the  fact that the heel isn’t very high so I might be able to last the whole night in these. Plus as part of the ball we have do to a partnered waltz dance so these shoes be fine to dance in as well. And because they are so simple I’m hoping that over summer I will get a lot more wear out of them too. 

This top caught my eye while I was in Dorthy Perkins and I just couldn’t resits. It’s so pretty and I just know I’ll get so much wear out of it this summer. I don’t usually shop in Dorothy Perkins but they have some really lovely summer pieces at the moment and they nearly always have some kind of offer on. Right now it is 25% off dresses, skirts and jumpsuits.

While in town I also picked up a few books that were on a buy on get on half price in WH Smiths. While sunbathing I do love reading all my fashion magazines but nothing beats getting into a really good book while lying on the beach. I think my favourite type of books are murder mysteries/thrillers which is strange really cus I hate those type of scary/tense/jumpy films! But if you also like those type of books then I would really recommend Gone Girl. Once I started it I think I read it in about 3 days, which is amazing for me. And the film of it is coming out later this year so you definitely need to read it before then. 

And then it was so nice in the evening and it’s basically summer now anyway that I just had to sit outside and start reading one of my new books. I chose Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse. And without giving away the storyline comment below if you’ve read any of the books that I’ve bought and what you thought of them!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend xx


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