Empty Products #1

Empty Products #1

I personally love empties videos and posts as it’s so easy for bloggers to use a product for a couple of days as say it’s amazing but actually using a product until it’s finished means that you’re in a much better place make a full judgement. I’ve been trying over the last month or so to save up some of my empties. I don’t think I actually realised how long it would take me! I’ve only got seven products here to take about, but here goes.

Herbal Essences Strengthening Intensive Mask 
I love using my Aussies 3 minute miracle moist when I wash my hair but I wanted a mask that was a bit heavier that I could use once a week or so to really help my dry hair. I have really enjoyed using this one. It smells of honey and apricot which is so lovely and after using it for the first time my hair did feel a lot silkier. I already repurchased this before I even finished it so I wouldn’t have to go without it!

Bio Oil
It’s actually ridiculous how long this little bottle has taken me to use up! I used to only use it on my scar on my knee and on really dry patches of skin. And then recently I have started using it once a week as a full body moisturiser and on my face as well. So naturally recently it has gone a lot quicker and my repurchase has been a much larger bottle. I honestly don’t know what I would do without this stuff.

Nivea Milk And Honey Lip Balm
I have so may lip balms in pockets and bags and all over the house but this has to be one of favourites. I always seem to have multiple ones of these on the go. I love the smell of this and it’s just a great simple lip moisturiser that I always use under lipsticks. Plus It’s a lot more hygienic than having to stick your finger into a Vaseline!

Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel
I try to get my legs waxed as often as possible but when I do have to shave for an event this is what I like to use. I also use it under my arms as well. It’s doesn’t smell of anything special but a little goes such a long way and it lathers up really well. I have very sensitive skin, not only on my face but also on my body and this really works for me, plus I don’t think it is too expensive.

Garnier Intensive 7 days Hand Cream 
I’ve tried so many different hand creams over the last few years, probably the majority of the ones in Boots. But I’m pretty sure that this is my favourite hand cream brand and yes, I would chose this over Hand Food, but that would come second! This one in the picture is the honey one and it’s my favourite i their range. Anybody else noticing a bit of a honey theme going on here! I don’t quite think this lasts 7 days, but it does last over several hand washes. I normally use this once during the day and then once before bed so this has last me a really long time as well. And this is really fast absorbing which is one of the main qualities that I look for in a hand cream as these is nothing worse than having greasy hands for ages. 

Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturise Cream
I have just fallen in love with this whole Body Shop range. This is just such a lovely moisturiser that smells really good too. This feels so light on the skin and sinks in really quickly but it’s so moisturising at the same time. Already repurchased this a while ago so I don’t have to go a single day without it!

Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream 
I got this as a sample in a gift box after spending a certain amount (probably too much) at the Clinique counter. I’ve never really been that into eye creams before. I like it and I have another one of the same ready to use after. Yes I spent so much on Clinique stuff that I got 2 gift boxes! But as this is the first eye cream I’ve tried I really want to test out some other ones instead. 

Hope this post was interesting/useful and let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these products and if so, what you think of them. xx



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