Homemade Father’s Day Card

Homemade Father’s Day Card 

I’ll take any opportunity to make cards for people, especially during revision time, so this Father’s Day was a perfect opportunity. This on one inspired by something I remember seeing on the internet ages ago and thought it was really cool. This was so quick and easy to make and all I needed was a plain white card, black, blue, grey and white card (colours can change), a pencil, a pen, scissors and glue. And basically all I had to do was cut out the different shapes and stick them down and just bend over the black card for the collar of the suit. I also decided to draw pin stripes in pencil on the blazer of the card to make it more fun and also my dad has a suit like this that he wears a lot. This was such a quick, easy and cheap gift for my dad, but with a cup of tea in the morning I know that he really appreciated it. 

So thank you dad for all that you have done for me and for always supporting me. When it feels like the world is falling apart you’ll stay up all night hugging me until you can get me to smile again. Hope you get well soon dad. I love you <3 xx



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