I Won A Maths Prize…

I Won A Maths Prize…

The other day I received a letter in the post from my school saying that I was the chosen winner of a maths prize. On the 5th July, the same day as my leavers ball (a much more important event in my opinion!) I have my school speech day and my official leavers service. It’s a smart event for students, parents and teachers on the Saturday morning in a large marque and there is a guest speaker, apparently he is famous but I can’t even remember who! Some prizes are handed out to a few people in the year for different events or subjects or service to the school. I’ve only been at the school for two years and I’m not particularly musical or sporty or even smart in comparison to some of the people in my year, so never would I have imagined that I would get a prize!

I’m still not sure why I got a maths prize but this year I have been working much harder in maths and having extra sessions after school with my teacher to try and up my grade so maybe that is it. I’m just really excited and happy and I know it’s only a little thing but to me it’s really important. I’m not the sort of person that wins a lot of prizes so this means a lot.

Enclosed in the letter was an £18 bookshop gift card so yesterday I went to the bookshop with my mum to pick out a book that I then have to give back to the school for them to present to me on speech day. A bit random really! The requirements were a serious hardback book. This wasn’t the most serious book in the bookshop but I wanted to pick something that I would actually read and not a massive intellectual book to make me look smart on the day but that I would never pick up again. I think this one looks really useful and it’s filled with really important stuff about mortgaging a house, buying bonds and taking out a loan. All stuff that I know very little about but I’m sure will really help me in the future.

So now I’m even more excited for 5th July and hopefully it will be a really lovely day with my friends and family. Just hope that the weather will be nice now! xx



  1. June 22, 2014 / 2:45 pm

    Thank you 🙂 Yay! It's such a nice feeling when they are all over and you have nothing to worry about. I hope yours all went well. And of course, I'm planning to do a blog post on it 🙂 Hope you post one of yours too, I love looking at other people's prom dresses! xx

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