Summer Weekend To Camber

Summer Weekend To Camber

Cutest cobbled street

I’m in love with this little cottage

Beautiful little gardens 

Old fashioned sweet shop. I chose fizzy peaches which are my favourites!

How blue is the sky?

Trying to be creative and capture these beautiful pink roses

It was pretty busy so we hid up in the sand dunes were it was quiet and sheltered 

My baby – Kiara

Outfit for the weekend

This was not just a cupcake, it was a muffin with icing on!

Excuse my face! I like to go make up free as much as possible in summer

As some of you may know last Wednesday marked the end of my exams and my younger brother also finished his GCSEs on monday. So to celebrate the end of exams and the beginning of summer we took a family weekend trip down to the coast. We stayed in a small and not amazing campsite but as we spent most of the day and evening out it didn’t really matter. Thankfully the weather was beautiful all weekend so we spend every day on the beach. I now feel like I have a good base tan to start my summer holiday with, although apparently I am a little pink on my back!

We also wondered round the town near Camber called Rye. It’s a beautiful little town with old cottages and little gardens filled with all sorts of flowers. There were old fashion sweet shops and cute little cafes that sold delicious cakes. It was such a lovely little place and not overly busy so it was lovely to just spend a few hours wondering around, and in my case taking lots of photographs!

My little trip has been such a lovely start to my summer holidays. After months of revising and exams it was so nice just to be able to escape and finally relax with nothing to stress about. Below are a few photos from my trip. Hope you are all enjoying the start of summer and that the good weather here continues 🙂 xx


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