End Of Exams Card

End Of Exams Card 

As some of you may know I finished my exams last Wednesday but my boyfriend Jack only finishes today. To celebrate the end of his exams and essentially the beginning of his summer I made him this card which I am going to put in his locker with a packet of minstrels (minstrels after exams have become a bit of a tradition for us!). See, I will take literally an opportunity to make a card! I made this card really quickly this evening with watercolours for the background and then just some coloured card for the sign. I also used some of those little foam sticker things that make stuff look slightly 3D which I think is awesome!

His exam is in the morning so straight after I am taking his bowling, because I realised that we have never actually been and it is such an old school date. After I’m taking him out for lunch to a restaurant of his choice, but knowing him I’m sure we will end up in Nandos! Then we are going to the cinema to see The Fault in our Stars, and I know that I saw it last week on the day it came out but Jack really wanted to see it as well and it was so good that I don’t mind seeing it again. And maybe this time I will be crying less so I can concentrate more on the film! 

Just a little extra post for today. Hope you are all having a lovely summer so far. And congratulations to anyone else who has just finished their exams! It’s such an amazing feeling! xx


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