Tips For A Bad Skin Day

Tips For A Bad Skin Day

I’m currently having on of those days where it feel like my skin has just exploded on my face. I had felt like my skin had been getting a lot better recently and over about 2 days I have just suddenly broken out all over my chin. And I know sudden breakouts are a very common thing so I though I would just share some of my tips for deal with a bad skin day.

Know what you are dealing with
Quite often with sudden breakouts you will be able to pin point spots to specific locations on your face. If you can then it really helps to Google why your spots are occurring where they are. Face mapping is a way of doing this. My spots are mostly around my chin and when I searched this I found that it was mostly hormonal which for me does make sense.

Look at your diet
Quite often when my skin isn’t having a great time it is because I haven’t been eating or drinking sensibly. By doing this you may be able to work out specific food that cause you to break out, for some people it is chocolate or milk. When my skin isn’t great I want to hide away and eat even more rubbish and as tempting as this is really try not to do this. Eat rubbish may taste good but it will leave you feeling even more grotty and possibly make you break out further. So really try to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

Drink more water
Firstly it will stop you snacking on rubbish and should make you feel a lot better. And particularly in summer when it gets hotter it is so important to drink enough water. 

Exercise and rest 
Make sure you get enough exercise everyday even if it is just going for a short walk in the fresh air. But also try to get enough sleep every night, it is recommended that you get 7/8 hours. 

Avoid makeup if you can 
I know that sometimes this is difficult if you are going out somewhere during the day or in the evening like I am, but really make an effort to go as long as you can without makeup. This will mean that skin can breathe and your pores won’t be clogged up so hopefully spots are able to heal better and faster. If you do find that you have to wear makeup then make sure that it is as light as possible and you take it off properly as soon as you can.

Use a specific spot treatment 

When my skin is looking a little nasty I like to use a spot treatment to help get rid of my breakouts. The one that I really love is the Clinique spot clearing gel as I find that it works so well. I also try and keep my face clean and hydrated throughout the day.

Don’t be scared to look crazy!
When I know I’m not going to leave the house and won’t be wearing makeup I like to wash my face as usual and then apply quite a thick layer of Sudocrem to the parts of my face that I think look sore or irritated or have a breakout. It means I am wondering round the house with white patches all over my face and I do look a little scary but this works so well. Sudocrem is really gentle as it is meant for babies but it dries out spots without irritating them more and decreases spot scaring. I honestly couldn’t like without this stuff!

These are just a few quite natural things that I like to do when I’m having a bad skin day. I understand that different people have different approaches and some people will want to focus on covering up their breakouts. But I find this works in the long term for me and I hope that this will be useful to some people. 


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