Amazing 18th Party

Amazing 18th Party

With some of the girlies

On Wednesday we wear mint! 


Now that exams are over the party season has started. One Wednesday night it was one of my friend’s 18th parties. He’s already known for throwing pretty awesome parties but this one was just out of this world! My best friend Livi (the blonde one in the middle of the top two photos) came over two my house to get ready before hand to get ready. We nearly always do this as getting ready with friend can be one of the best parts of a night out and I love just chatting and listening to music while doing my hair and makeup. It turned out that without any planning or discussion we were both wearing mint coloured dresses with a pale denim jacket, flats, straightened hair and bring coral nail polish. It’s actually scary how in sync we are, I honestly think she’s like my long lost twin! And I’m only 5 days older than her!

When we arrived at the party there were already nearly 200 people there. In his garden there was a marquee with a bar, opposite there was a live band and a dance floor and there were fire dancers and flashing lights and a barbecue! It was so amazing and I was totally blown away! When we arrived it was still light and it was great to see everyone so happy with exams out the way. Livi and I also met our friend Anna (second picture) who was also wearing a mint skirt so natural we had to take a picture and make a mean girls quote! So it’s official, mint is the it colour right now!

As the evening came and it got darker the party really started. The live band were replaced with a DJ playing super loud house music and everybody got their face painted with UV paint which in the lights looked amazing. They were also giving out free glow sticks which some people broke and splashed all over their clothes so they literally glowed! Everyone looked so amazing and it seemed so surreal.

Then at 11pm everyone was called to the dance floor where the birthday boy made a quick speech thanking everyone for coming and saying that he has planned a little surprise! Next thing I know I’m up to my knees dancing in foam as it continues to fall around me. I’ve never been to a foam party before but they look so cool, and it was just awesome! The only problem was that the party was outside and I was only in a dress and a denim jacket (not very clever) so after the foam everybody was wet and freezing. Thank god I have a lovely boyfriend with a massive coat to lend me!

I left the party at 1:30 with a group of girl friends and got a taxi back to one of my friend house. After taking my makeup off, doing my face routine and eating a big bag on Tangfastics I got into my sleeping bag and slept like a baby! It was such an amazing night and I didn’t even feel rough in the morning which was a bonus! Such a great way to really kick off my summer! xx



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